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English  Albanian Literature in Translation

Robert Elsie


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Oral Literature

"Mother from Laberia" by Nexhmedin Zajmi

The Boy and the Earthly Beauty
The Scurfhead
The Three Friends
and the Earthly Beauty
The Three Brothers
and the Three Sisters
The Youth and the Maiden
with Stars on their Foreheads
and Crescents on their Breasts
The Shoes
The Girl who Became a Boy
The Maiden in the Box
The Tale of the Youth
who Understood
the Language of the Animals
The Stirrup Moor
The King's Daughter and the Skull
The Bear and the Dervish
The Snake and the King's Daughter
Gjizar the Nightingale
Half Rooster
The Boy with No Name
The Barefaced Man
and the Pasha's Brother
The Foolish Youth and the Ring
The Princess of China
The Jealous Sisters
The Grateful Snake
and the Magic Case
The Maiden
who was Promised to the Sun

The copyrights for the original texts lie with the authors and publishers in question. The copyrights for the translations lie with the translator. The translations in this anthology may be copied, downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes if the source is appropriately documented. | Robert Elsie