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Robert Elsie

Albanian Literature | Modern


Ylljet ALIÇKA, 2003 (Photo: Robert Elsie).

Ylljet ALIÇKA, 2003
(Photo: Robert Elsie).




Ylljet Aliçka (b. 1951) was born in Tirana, where he studied science. Since 1997, he has been working for the Delegation of the European Community in Albania. Aliçka is the author of three volumes of short stories: Tregime, Tirana & Elbasan 1997 (Short stories); Kompromisi, Tirana & Elbasan 2000 (The Compromise); and Parullat me gurë, Tirana 2003 (The Slogans in stone). Collections of his tales have also appeared in French as Les slogans de pierres, Castelnau-Le-Lez 1999 (The Slogans in stone) and in Polish as Kompromis, Sejny 2002 (The Compromise). His short story The Slogans in stone, was filmed and awarded the Youth Prize at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.