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Lindita ARAPI, 2005 (Photo: Stephan Boltz).

Lindita ARAPI, 2005
(Photo: Stephan Boltz).


Lindita ARAPI


Lindita Arapi was born in Lushnja in 1972. She studied at the University of Tirana in 1994 and began working as a journalist and moderator for Albanian television (TVSH). In 1996 she was awarded a fellowship as a ‘writer in residence’ at the Heinrich Böll House (Düren, Germany) as well as a scholarship by the International Art Link (New York). She has also taken part in the ‘International Writing Program’ of the University of Iowa as an Honorary Fellow in Writing. She finished her doctorate at the University of Vienna, and currently lives in Bonn (Germany). Lindita Arapi, who is among the leading female poets of the post-communist generation from Albania, has published the four following volumes of verse: Kufomë lulesh (Corpse of flowers, Tirana 1993), translated into Italian as Il cadavere fiorito (Brindisi 1993), Ndodhi në shpirt (It happened in my soul, Elbasan 1995), and Melodi të heshtjes (Melody of silence, Peja 1998).