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Sali BASHOTA, 2006

Sali BASHOTA, 2006




Sali Bashota was born on 31 August 1959 in Çaravik (Qarrat) in the municipality of Klina in Kosova. He studied Albanian language and literature at the University of Prishtina where he later taught literature. He is editor-in-chief of the literary periodical Jeta e re (New Life) and in 2003 was appointed director of the National and University Library of Kosova in Prishtina.

Bashota is the author of seven volumes of verse, among which are Ndiz dritën magjike (Light the Magic Lamp), Prishtina 2002; Bukuri i nëmur (Wretched Beauty), Prishtina 2006; and Jetë me vdekje (Life with Death), Tirana 2006. Collections of his poetry have appeared in German, Schalte das magische Licht ein (Light the Magic Lamp), Zürich 2004; in Romanian Exilul sufletului, The Exile of the Soul), Bucharest 2004; and in English, Only Death is White, Prishtina 2005, translated by Avni Spahiu.