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Ben Blushi

Ben Blushi




Ben Blushi studied at the University of Tirana, graduating in Albanian language and literature. He was editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Koha Jonë,” and in 1999 embarked upon a political career in the cabinet of Prime Minister Fatos Nano. For several months he served as deputy minister of foreign affairs, and in late 2000 he became Prefect of Korça. Blushi is currently is a Member of Parliament of the Socialist Party.

In April 2008, Ben Blushi published his first novel “Të jetosh në ishull” (Living on an Island) which turned into a phenomenal success. Indeed, within a couple of months, the book had sold over 30,000 copies, a record for the Albanian market. Blushi’s 400-page novel offers the reader a panorama of Albanian history under the Ottoman Empire (15th-18th centuries), with a broad and not uncontroversial treatment of the country’s Islamization. Here is the first chapter of the book.