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Ridvan DIBRA

Ridvan DIBRA


Ridvan DIBRA


Ridvan Dibra (b. 1959) was born in Shkodra where he went to school and graduated from the university in Albanian language and literature. He taught Albanian in the mountain town of Kukës from 1982 to 1987 and worked in his native Shkodra from 1988 to 1994 as a journalist. Since 1994 he has been teaching Albanian language and literature at the University of Shkodra. Website:

Dibra is a leading figure of modern Albanian writing. He is the author of numerous volumes of innovative literature. Among them are: the poetry volume Thjesht (Simple), Tirana 1989; the short story collections Eklipsi i shpirtit (Eclipse of the soul), Shkodra 1994; and Prostituta e virgjër (The virgin prostitute), Shkodra 1994; the novel Nudo (The nude), Tirana 1995; the "parable" Vetmia e diellit (Solitude of the sun), Tirana 1995; the short story collection Mjerimi i gjysmës (The misery of half), Tetovo 1996; the novels Kurthet e dritës (Traps of light), Elbasan 1997; Triumfi i Gjergj Elez Alisë (The triumph of Gjergj Elez Alia), Tirana 1999; Stina e ujkut (Season of the wolf), Shkodra 2000; and Të lirë dhe të burgosur (The free and the imprisoned), Prishtina 2001; the "parable" Vëlla me centaurët (Brother with the centaurs), Prishtina 2002; and the novels Triumfi i dytë i Gjergj Elez Alisë (The second triumph of Gjergj Elez Alia), and Email (E-Mail), Tirana 2003.