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Teodor KEKO, 1991 (Photo: Robert Elsie).

Teodor KEKO, 1991
(Photo: Robert Elsie).


Teodor KEKO


Teodor Keko (1958-2002) was born and raised in Tirana, where he studied Albanian language and literature, graduating in 1983. He worked as a journalist for the literary newspaper Drita, and for the daily Koha jonë, and later became editor of the newspaper Aleanca and the weekly Aks. For a time, he was also a member of parliament. Teodor Keko began publishing in the 1980s and is the author of fifteen volumes of poetry, drama, novels and, in particular, short stories.

Among Teodor Keko's major publications are: Loja (The Game), Tirana 1990; Lajmëtarja e vdekjeve (The Harbinger of Deaths), Tirana 1991; Pretenca (The Pretence),Tirana 1994; Shënimet e një gruaje (The Notes of a Woman), Tirana 1995; Dymbëdhjetë shenjtorë, një profet dhe disa njerëz (Twelve Saints, a Prophet and Some People), Tirana 1997; Prostituta (The Prostitute), Tirana 1997; Made in Albania (Made in Albania), Tirana 1998; Vdekja e nëpunësit X (The Death of Civil Servant X), Tirana 2000; and Hollësira fatale (Fatal Details), 2001.