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Abdullah KONUSHEVCI, 2005

Abdullah KONUSHEVCI, 2005




Abdullah Konushevci (b. 1958) was born and raised in Prishtina, studied literature at the University of Zagreb, and worked for many years as a journalist for the Kosova daily newspaper Rilindja. He is noted not only as a leading Kosova poet, but also for his essays and writings on Albanian literature and on the Albanian language.

Konushevci is an author of six volumes of intense verse: Pasqyrë dhe diell (Mirror and Sun), Prishtina 1979; Rënia e molles (The Fall of the Apple), Prishtina 1981; Qerrja e diellit (The Sun's Carriage), Prishtina 1983; Loja e strucit (The Game of the Ostrich), Prishtina 1987); Të qenët të mosqenë (The Unbeen Beings), Prishtina 1990; and most recently Pikat AD (The Drops AD), Prishtina 2002, with its startling reflections on the 1999 war in Kosova. He has also translated Ernest Hemingway, Rabindranath Tagore and Milovoj Slavicek into Albanian.