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Gazmend KRASNIQI, 2004

Gazmend KRASNIQI, 2004




Gazmend Krasniqi (b. 1963) was born and raised in Shkodra, where he studied art and literature. He has worked for the Shkodra Art Gallery for several years and is a regular collaborator in leading literary periodicals. Among his publications are the poetry volumes: Në kryqin e dashurisë (At the Crossroads of Love), Shkodra 1995; Skodrinon (Skodrinon), Shkodra 2002; and the anthology Sprovë antologjike (Experimental Anthology), Tirana 2003; as well as the prose works: Dielli i natës (The Night Sun), Shkodra 1996; Princesha këmbëzbathur (The Barefoot Princess), Shkodra 1998; and Fund i botës, Një verë në Paris (End of the World, A Summer in Paris). Shkodra 2003. Krasniqi has also written plays and translated much English literature into Albanian, authors like W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and W. H. Auden.