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Poet and painter Parid Teferiçi (b. 1972) was born and raised in Kavaja. From 1990 to 1994, he studied computer science at the University of Tirana and from 1994 to 1999, he studied economics at the Bocconi University of Milan, Italy. From 1999-2001, he served as head archivist at the library of the Don Calabria Institute in Rome, and in 2001 became curator of the visual arts section of the Cini Cultural Institute in Ferrara. He has exhibited his painting in Italy. In 2005, he returned to Albania to take part in the parliamentary elections as a candidate for the Republican Party in his native Kavaja.

Teferiçi has published two slender volumes of poetry: Bërë me largësi (Made from a Distance), Tirana 1996, and Meqenëse sytë (Since the Eyes), Tirana 2003. His discriminating works have proven him to be among Albania's major contemporary poets.