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Ornela VORPSI, 2007 (Photo: Corinne Stoll).

Ornela VORPSI, 2007
(Photo: Corinne Stoll).




Ornela Vorpsi was born in Tirana in 1968 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts there. In 1991 she emigrated to Milan and in 1997 moved on to Paris where she works as a photographer, painter and video artist.

Vorpsi's stunningly refreshing novel, "The Country Where No One Ever Dies," was originally written in Italian, not in Albanian. It was first published in French as Le pays où l'on ne meurt jamais (Arles: Actes Sud 2004), and has since appeared Italian, German and Spanish. Vorpsi is also the author of Nothing obvious (Zürich 2001), Buvez du cacao Van Houten! (Arles 2005), Vetri rosa (Rome 2006), and La mano che non mordi (Turin 2007).