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Preç ZOGAJ, 2004 (Photo: Robert Elsie).

Preç ZOGAJ, 2004
(Photo: Robert Elsie).




Poet, prose writer and political figure Preç Zogaj (b. 1957) was born in Manatia in the District of Lezha. He studied language and literature at the University of Tirana and worked thereafter as a journalist and publisher. Zogaj played a significant role in the democracy movement in Albania in 1990 and served as Minister of Culture in the"stability" government of June 1991. Since that time, he has been active both as a writer and in political life. Among his more recent publications are the poetry collections: Qielli i gjithkujt, Tirana 1991 (Everyone's Sky); Kalimi, Tirana 1999 (The Passing); and Pas erës së re, Tirana 2004 (After a New Wind); and the prose works: Shetitorja, Tirana 1990 (The Promenade); and Pa histori, Tirana 1993 (Without History); and the study Paradhoma e një presidenti, Tirana 2001 (The President's Antechamber). His works have been translated into French and Italian.